Introducing the Corbett Legacy Society

The Corbett Legacy Society was created in 2017 to provide an avenue for those wanting to name the Riverdale School Foundation in their estate plans and wills. This legacy society was named after the Corbett family, who settled in Oregon, built several large estates in Dunthorpe, and whose descendants attended the Riverdale Grade School over the past century. The Corbett family regularly served as the hosts for the neighborhood in building a sense of community. The example of the Corbett family continues to inspire the community to look after each other. Fittingly, anyone who intends to support the Riverdale Schools community through a gift from their estate, will be listed as a member of the Corbett Society.

We encourage everyone to stay involved with the schools. We would like to have more alumni and community members come back and share their career paths with our current students and potentially be available to help our students network. We also encourage future alumni reunions to include a tour of the school.

For further information on how to support the Riverdale Schools through your estate, whether through your will, living trust, IRA, life insurance or life income gift, please contact the treasurer of the Riverdale Foundation at (503) 303-8470 or email

Tax Tip from the Corbett Society

If you are entitled to be a member of the Corbett Society, please inform us so:

(1) we can say thank you and include you in future Riverdale events
(2) we can share ideas with you to personalize your support of Riverdale, such as reading a specific fund to direct your support to a particular use (i.e. scholarships, faculty support, additional programs); and
(3) we can suggest tax savings ways to give (i.e., make Riverdale a beneficiary of a portion of your IRA, since these funds would be otherwise taxed if they were given to your children)

Photos from the Corbett Legacy Society Inagural Event

Left: Elliot Trommald, a Corbett family heir
Center: Hal Abrams, Riverdale Foundation board member
Right: Terry Brandon, former superintendent