2016-2017 Riverdale Foundation
Annual Campaign Donor List

As of May 31, 2017

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Thank you to all the families who participated in the 2016-2017 Annual Campaign. Scroll down to review the donor list or click on the links below to see a particular section.

Student Family - Valedictorian
Student Family - Summa Cum Laude
Student Family - Magna Cum Laude
Student Family - Suggested Level+
Student Family - Other Generous Donation
Riverdale Teachers and Staff
Community - Magna Cum Laude
Community - Suggested Level+
Community - Other Generous Donation
Parent of Recent Alumni
Grandparent and Extended Family
Business - Magna Cum Laude
Matching Gift Companies

Student Family - Valedictorian $20,000+

Henry and Amber Hillman * Extra Mile
Matt and Ashley Semler * Extra Mile

Student Family - Summa Cum Laude $15,000+

Josh and Kristine Collins * Extra Mile (Pledge)
Ajnya and Rakesh Pai * Extra Mile

Student Family - Magna Cum Laude $10,000+

Andrew and Erin Allen * Extra Mile
Ron and Jillian Cain * Extra Mile
Tony and Maggi Cassie 
Craig Chanti and Donna Avedisian 
Regina and Cristian Corsi * Extra Mile
The Crean Family * Extra Mile
Terese DeManuelle and John Wooldridge
Martin and Tiana Dixon * Extra Mile
Catherine and Michael Gay * Extra Mile
Carl and Karen Grebert * Extra Mile
Kirsten and Dean Griffith
Mike and Ashleigh Gunter * Extra Mile
Naomi and Peter Hand * Extra Mile
David and Adrienne Hill * Extra Mile
Dirk and Karen Hohndel * Extra Mile
Olaf and Michelle Janke * Extra Mile
Melanie Khanna * Extra Mile
Shawn and Britt Kummer * Extra Mile
Kimberly and Jason Mauer * Extra Mile
Eric and Virginia Mulligan * Extra Mile
Rania Nordean and Hadi Nouredine
Jennifer and Tony Rabb 
Michele and David Rosenbaum 
Laura and Patrick Russell * Extra Mile
Lori and Terry Schallich * Extra Mile
Patricia McCracken and Sebastian Schoenberg * Extra Mile
Paul Spellman and Alana Heiser Spellman 
Lance and Mary Steinberg

Student Family - Suggested Level+

Anonymous (2)
Shaun Anderson 
Mark and Chie Alleman
Kelly and David Allen * Extra Mile
Sharie and Joe Andrews 
William and Danielle Anfuso * Extra Mile
Tom and Jennifer Armstrong * Extra Mile
Keith Bailey
Jonathan and Carrie Banks * Extra Mile
Carissa and Jonathan Barrett
Kristen and Dustin Best
Kristin and Thomas Bialobok
Catherine and Andrew Blanksby
Maryam and Farid Bolouri
Katharine and Robert Brendle
Klaus Brinkmann
Alyson and Craig Broberg 
Gregg and Natasha Carmichael
Miranda Carney-Morris and Doug Morris
Won Chang and Jenny Ko 
Karen and Wei-Li Chong
Stan Cocke and Heather Kmetz * Extra Mile
Stephen Couche 
Amy Coulter and Rainer Grosskopf
BethAnne Darby 
Ken and Marci Davis
Wayne and Wanda Dawson
Heather and Todd DeCook 
Arman Faroghi and Azita Fakher
Lanelle Fechner
Steve LaFranchi and Pam Fisher
Will Forney and Paige Witte
Brad and Allison Fowler
Peter Francis and Beth Edmunds * Extra Mile
Robert Furman and Ann Hofbauer
Sharon and David Giblin 
Nita and Andrew Gibson
Roger and Stephanie Gilliam
Trina and Robert Gluckman
Sam Gruner and Leslie Goss 
Nez and Heather Hallett * Extra Mile
Belinda and Don Hanson
Robin and Joel Hashimoto 
Pascal and Ann Hebert * Extra Mile
Luz Hedmann
Shaun Hedmann 
Rachel and Steven Heller
Mark and Kathryn Higgins
Kristin and Ryan Hildebrand * Extra Mile
Josh Hinerfeld and Andrea Binder * Extra Mile
Mona Hrapkowicz and Jim Goulet * Extra Mile
Jonathan and Amanda Hurliman 
Claudia and Steven Jaffe
Shannon and Daniel Janoff
Christian and Margret Jones
Janis and Thomas Jones
Raman and Sheena Kansal
Maya and Steve Klein * Extra Mile
Kirsten and Eric Koldinger
Elizabeth Kramer and Keith Oelrich 
Mary Krummel and Richard Myers
Stefanie and Peter Lamb
Rob Lee and Tamra Dereiko * Extra Mile
Marti Long and Seth Row
Katherine Longstreth 
Suzi and David Maddocks 
Mark and Leslie Mahler
Margaret and Elliot Mainzer
Julia Mangold and Robert Feldman * Extra Mile
Aryn and Travis Mayor 
Vawn and Lou McCollum
Susan and Chris McGowan 
Meier/Schnitzer Family * Extra Mile
Heather Melonis and Kurt Huffman and Dan McLaughlin
Amanda and Chris Meyer
Diane and Andreas Moran
Kai and Robert Moss
Louisa and Don Moutos
Katharine and Ken Murphy
Patti and John Ng * Extra Mile
Yingqing and Soren Nielsen
Florence and Matthew Nurse * Extra Mile
Margret Oethinger and Michael Klucznik * Extra Mile
Tory and Nels Paine 
Christen and Ryan Palmer
Elizabeth and Toby Phillips
Vincent Pimont and Cathy Biber
Kieren and Bill Porter 
Michelle and Joe Prats * Extra Mile
Teresa and Scott Pugliese
Robert and Shelby Quintos
Nancy and Brian Ragel
Sarah and Chris Remy * Extra Mile
Merrill Richmond and Mary Brazell
Natasha and Nick Rinard
Anne and Tim Ryan
Joseph and Catherine Sandahl
Amy and Brad Sander 
Lizanne Saunders
Deepak and Sinclair Sawhney * Extra Mile
Jean and Ian Schnadig
Rosalie Sears Pelz and Carl Pelz
Andrea Snyder and Randy Nebel
Joanna and Matthew Steven
Clint Stevens and Danmie Zhou 
Vanessa and Robert Stewart
Suzanne Stockard * Extra Mile
Taft and Mina Stricklin * Extra Mile
David Taylor and Carol Samuels * Extra Mile
Dr. Claudia and Mr. Clark Taylor * Extra Mile
Chris Tebben and Cam Turner
Nundhini Thukkani and Joshua Ramseyer 
Katy and Ashley Tibbs
Wendy and Tim Tolls
Linus and Susann Torvalds * Extra Mile
Matt and Becky Tuski
Kristen Vanberg and Darius Abbassi 
James VanHuis and Sandra Wanek 
David and B.B. Veverka
Lincoln and Pamela Ware
Anna and William Washburn
Ryan and Amy Weeden * Extra Mile
Ken and Patty Wightman
William and Allison Williams
Mike and Michele Wilson
David Wirtanen and Sharon Keast
Michael and Mona Wray
Gary Yatcyshyn and Madeline Chan * Extra Mile
Mari Yerger and Stephen Feiner
Gene and Tia Zilberstein

Student Family - Other Generous Donation

Anonymous (7)
Hal Abrams and Jennifer Lowery
Jessi and Mitchell Adams 
Karen and Alan Albright 
Dana Andersen 
Jill Anderson and Jeff Gerry
Daniel and Barbara Barde
Barry and Karla Benson
Kathi Inman Berens and Brad Berens
Holly Berk 
Kurt Beuter and Ming Png 
Nancy and Tony Bignell
Kelly and Robert Bloch 
Heather and John Bogaty 
Dan Bohling
Jozef and Dalma Bolech
Cliffton Bong and Eliza Oh
Richard Botney
Nikki and Thomas Brenneke
Matthew and Kimberley Brown 
Cheri Buck-Perry and Mark Perepelitza
Heather and Nigel Burton 
Karin and Dave Butts
Liane and Richard Cabot
Adria and Darris Cassidy 
Jennie and Ravi Chandra
Glynis and Phil Chek
Keng Chuang
Curtis and Tricia Clark 
Derek and Cheryl Collier
Sara and Ben Conte 
Daniel Zene Crowe and Anita Voskea Dittrich-Crowe
Tugrul and Yonca Daim
Dale and Melissa Dasker
Koen and Michelle De Geest
Katie Deming and Jon Olsen
Kari Lynn and Bill Dischinger
Jeff Dominitz and Angela Hung
Wendy and John Domreis
Jay Donohoo
Kira Donohoo and Jack Conley
Ahmed Elzomor and Marwah Helmy 
Erin Farrar and Sam Sirkin
Elise and Perry Fellman
David and Pookie Foster 
Holly Freres and David Horning
Karen and Jeff Friesen 
Leah and Erich Gaedeke 
Andrew and Milana Gilligan
Cynthia Gingalewski 
Gary and Laura Glass
Gregg and Emily Goldberg
Nicole Grayson 
Sophie and Marc Greenberg
Lisa and Jonathan Greenleaf
Michelle and Christopher Greissinger
Helene and Ian Gross 
Mike and Shawn Hagel
Alexia Halen and Paul Miller 
Robert Hart and Susan Orloff
Sallie and Daniel Herzig
Angel and Craig Hodges 
Susan Hoelzer and Scott Stewart
Julie and Chris Hoem
Marie and Stephen Holmes
Mary Horrall and Greg Miller
Brooks Houser
Michaela and David Houston
Steve and Mary Hull
Catarina and Shawn Hunter
Hichi Huynh and Ynhi Le
Hillary Hyde
Cindy and Ray Inglin 
Craig Jacobson and Kendra Morris-Jacobson
Chris Johnson and Sabrina Oei
Daniel Jung
Nitin and Laura Khanna
Lisa Kolve and Jeff Goverman 
Amber and Andrew Kroeker
Viktoria La Paz and Stanley Fields 
Thomas Larkin
Marsha Lipets-Maser and Joe Maser
Eloise and Scott Lissit
Tanya Littrell
Tara Love
Jennifer Macoubray and Jordan Greenbaum
Keith and Erin Madriago 
Patrick and Kelly McCauley 
Peter and Stephanie McCleery
Leslie and Scott McIntyre 
Sally and Bradley McLain 
Katie McNamara and Chuck Schmidt 
Beth Mogck 
Joe and Danette Molinari
Erin Moone Scott
Lynn Morrison and Ross Brown
Sonia and Daniel Munoz 
Kate and Robert Naedele
Jeff and Susan Nordstrom
Craig and Jennifer Novack
Erik Offner
Lisa Ortiz 
Jane O'Scannlain and Mike Miller
Natasha and Leo Pereira 
Beth and Robert Perkins 
DeAnna and Tyler Pickett 
Angela Polin 
Michael and Mary Potter
Martha and Reed Rainey
Scott Rector and Rachel Bloom
Patrick Regan
Adam Reiter 
Kathryn (Katie) and Duncan Roberts
Kate and David Robinson
Merton Rockney Jr. and Shelly Morris 
Janet and David Rosenthal
Eartha and Monte Roulier 
Melissa Rowe Soll and Jonathan Soll 
Mark Ruis 
Diana Ruiz and Randall Fryer
Zohreh Star and Vahid Chris Sanaee
Gleb Sapozhnikov and Vita Vissoultcheva 
Anita and Mark Scarlett
Heidi and Barry Schrimsher 
Libby Schwartz and David Smith
Laura Schwerin and John Cimral
David Scott
Andrew and Niki Seawright
Tim Sellers and Edith Dal Mas
Richa and Rishi Sharma
Debbie and Scot Siegel 
Scott Silbaugh and Shelli Greenslade-Silbaugh 
Carrie and Jon Spurlock 
Tanya Steele and Jeremy Pitts 
Christina and Kris Summers
Eric Sutter
Judy Taylor and Laura Johnson
Judy and Karl Turner
Kjersten and Alexander Turpen
Erika and Andrew Varcak
Lisa and Kottur Vasanth 
Debra Wu and Lee Vernick
Lisa and Mike Waddick
David Walters and Arti Sachdev 
Ed Wang and Nif (Jennifer) Lindsay 
JR and Anna Weiss 
Carey and Dan Wendle
Mike and Lisa Whitlock
Jennifer and Julian Wilcoxon 
Elisabeth Williams and Jim Desmond 
Tanya and Christopher Wisdom 
David Wolf and Mary Theodore 
Katie Woods and Crispin Davies
Sarah and Kevin Wright 
Roi Wurgaft and Irit Orr
David Yanez and Miriam Treggiari
Nick and Nanae Yoshida
Jennifer and Ryan Youngblood 
Patricia Zanger and Tim Reeves 
Angela Zehava and Rich Birke 
Rob Zic
John and Suzanne Zurasky

Riverdale Teachers and Staff

Heidi and Matt Bader
Alison Barron and Ed Perez-Giz
Jeff Bjorn
Terry and Shirley Brandon
Jeff Brown
Betsy Carroll
Holly and John Finnerty
Nancy and David Fowler
Joseph and Shar Hunter
Katie and Michael Johnson
Beth and Ben Johnston
Sue Jonson 
Laura Keldorf
Barbara Lamb and Bruce James
Laurie and William LePore
Carrington Light
Jennifer and Ryan McDonald
Sarah and Adam McLain 
Michael Murray
Dietrich Nebert and Allison Gillespie
Rob and Brenda Pridemore 
Liz Randall
Larissa Reece and John Patterson Reece
Riverdale High School Teachers and Staff
Paula and Stan Robinson
Michelle and Bryan Sager
Lindsey Sandoval
Jennifer and Karl Schulz
Marianne Sweeney in memory of Paul Nelson
Vi and Jeremy Tamargo
Riverdale Teachers Association
Joanna and Dow Tobin
Mark Wechter

Community - Magna Cum Laude $10,000+

Jeanie McGuire Coleman * Extra Mile

Community - Suggested Level+

David and Jennifer Arbanas
Kristine and Chester Artman 
Stephen and Melissa Babson * Extra Mile
Chris & Michelle Bates of the Bates Family Charitable Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation
Joyce Beals in memory of Sylvia Breed Gates * Extra Mile
Bill and Tina Brown * Extra Mile
Debra and Kim Burchiel
Brent and Barbara Chalmers
Holly Coit * Extra Mile
Barbara Coit Yeager
Debbie and Jim Coonan
Chris and Tyanne Dussin * Extra Mile
Jill and Richard Edelson
John and Karen Fettig
The Shauna M. and Kevin B. Flanigan Family Foundation * Extra Mile
Bradford and Michelle Fletcher
Laura and Andy Ford
Tony and Jill Garvey
Paul and Sarah Gary
George and Christene Gross * Extra Mile
Clyde and Veronica Hamstreet
Lisa and JB Handley * Extra Mile
Jon and Brenda Hummelt
Chrys and Brent Hutchings * Extra Mile
Marti and Eric Jacobsen
David J. Johnson and Anne Marie Johnson
Dr. Douglas and Selby Key
Sanjay Khare and Catherine Bekooy 
Elisa and Steven Klein
Kristen and John Kohnstamm
Barbara Lynn
Diane and Tom Macdonald
Win McCormack
Kevin and Cindy McEvoy
Jim and Tracy Morse * Extra Mile
Traci Parker and Chad Fleischman * Extra Mile
Ron and Lynn Penner-Ash 
Jim Ray and Beth deHamel
Jean Rittenour
Ron Sakaguchi and Nancy Pilgrim
Thomas Scrugham
David and Janine Segal & Family * Extra Mile
Jeffery and Kimberly Spathas
Brad and Sue Tellam
Patrick and Susan Terrell Charitable Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation
Wim and Alice Wiewel
Mark Zusman and Brenda Bonnell

Community - Other Generous Donation

Anita Barbey and Todd Liebow
David Degner and Monica O'Brien * Extra Mile
Paul Duden and Francesca Stevenson
Julie Fiene-Yeager and Fabian Yeager * Extra Mile
Gerald and Heidi Fox * Extra Mile
Michele and Jon Friedman
Peter Lyman
Cathy and D'Mark Mick * Extra Mile
Amy and Art North
Kim and Duncan Porter
Susan and Jim Rech * Extra Mile
Louise Rosen and Ken Davis

Parent of Recent Alumni

Marybeth Fossati

Grandparent and Extended Family

Joan Bailey
Robert A. Bernstein in honor of Dietrich Nebert * Extra Mile  
Cheryl Griffith and David Anderson * Extra Mile
Kelly Gunter
Judith Hawkins * Extra Mile
Madeline Heiser * Extra Mile
Ann Johnson
Anne and Steven Jones
Bunny McCoun * Extra Mile
Nancie McGraw * Extra Mile
Laurel and Richard Nelson * Extra Mile
Richard and Kathleen Nelson * Extra Mile
Donald and Sharon Plumb 
Dianne and Marshall Pridemore
John and Kelly Reece
Kris Rees * Extra Mile
Bob and Wendy Steinberg * Extra Mile


Robert C. Bishop III and Carolyn K. Bishop
Ailsa Bloodworth 
Susan Coit
Sarah and Cliff Fitzgerald in memory of Sylvia Breed Gates 
John Gates in memory of Sylvia Breed Gates
Jonathan and Julia Gates Greenberg in memory of Sylvia Breed Gates
Isabelle Gilges 

Business - Magna Cum Laude $10,000+

Cambia Health Solutions Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation


Amazon Smile Foundation
Fred Meyer Community Rewards
Freeman Motor Company
Kristen Kohnstamm, Cascade Sotheby's International Realty
Laura Martin, Cascade Sotheby's International Realty

Matching Gift Companies

Cisco Systems
Kaiser Permanente
Mentor Graphics
Piper Jaffray