When is the Annual Campaign this year?

The Riverdale School Foundation's Annual Campaign runs from Monday, October 7, 2019 through Friday, December 6, 2019. We encourage you to make a donation or pledge at this time. Pledges do not need to be fulfilled until April 30, 2020.

What are suggested giving levels this year?

Suggested giving levels have changed from last year. We hope resident and transfer families will contribute $4,000 per child and that tuition families will contribute $500 per child. We hope community members without children in the schools will donate $1,000. Families who meet suggested levels and add $1,000 to their total donation will be recognized with an asterisk (*) signifying "extra mile" status on the donor page.

What if my family can't meet the suggested giving levels?

We understand that every family has different circumstances and that not all families can meet suggested giving levels. What is important is that families participate in a personally meaningful way, regardless of the amount given. We are grateful for any donation. Monthly giving is also an option that works well for some families. Participation at any level is so appreciated.

Why does a public school district like Riverdale need a foundation?

Beginning in 1990 with the passage of Measure 5, educational funds available from local property taxes have been severely constrained in Oregon. Measures 47 and 50, passed in 1996 and 1997 respectively, further reduced taxes and effectively centralized local school funding in Salem. Today, the state allocates approximately $9,000 per student to our district whereas it costs roughly $14,400 to deliver the Riverdale education we have all come to expect. Donations to the Riverdale School Foundation, along with other funding sources such as tuition and the Local Option Levy, largely make up the difference.

What is the difference between the Riverdale School Foundation and the Parent Teacher Club (PTC)?

The Riverdale School Foundation and the Riverdale PTCs both raise money for Riverdale schools. The primary difference lies in how they allocate that money. As a separate 501(c)(3) organization, the Riverdale School Foundation is able to contribute money directly to the District’s operating budget. This means the Foundation helps fund some of the District’s highest priority expenses, like teacher salaries and educational programming. Simply put, the PTC supports community building, extracurricular programs, non-tuition financial aid, and educational enhancements, while the Foundation puts teachers in classrooms. One past president described the Foundation as the ‘cake’ at Riverdale and the PTC as the ‘frosting’. As anyone who has eaten dessert can attest, both are important.

If I pay tuition, should I still contribute to the Annual Campaign?

Absolutely! The Riverdale School Foundation recognizes that tuition families already pay a significant amount to the District so their children can attend Riverdale schools. However, tuition is always lower than the actual cost of educating a Riverdale student. As a result, the Riverdale School Foundation asks tuition families to contribute during the Annual Campaign but at a much lower suggested giving level than resident or transfer student families.

May I contribute to the Riverdale School Foundation outside of its Annual Campaign?

Yes! The Riverdale School Foundation runs its Annual Campaign in October and November each year. However, donations may be made year round. (If you'd like to donate, please click here.) Pledges made during each campaign may also be fulfilled on the website through April 30th of each year.

Does the Riverdale School Foundation contribute to financial aid at Riverdale schools?

Yes. In an effort to make Riverdale as accessible as possible, the Riverdale School Foundation raises money for tuition financial aid. Every donor has the option to direct part or all of his or her donation for financial aid. That money is then allocated across financial aid recipients per district policy.

What is the Riverdale School Foundation’s “overhead”?

The Riverdale School Foundation works very hard to maximize the amount it gives to the district every year. All Foundation board members are volunteers, and the organization has no paid staff. As a result the Foundation is able to maintain a 3-4% overhead which means that 96-97% of every dollar raised goes directly to funding education at Riverdale. As a point of comparison, many non-profits have overhead rates of 10-25% or more.

What if I still have more questions?

Please feel free to call or email us! You may reach an officer of the Foundation at (503) 303-8470 or by emailing your question to info@riverdalefoundation.org.