The mission of the Riverdale School Foundation is to cultivate and ensure educational excellence. To do that, the Foundation strives to fill the gap between the District’s funding sources and what it actually costs to provide our children the Riverdale education they deserve—a number that can run as high as $5,000 per student. When this gap is filled, we will not only be able to continue to provide the instruction and support that makes Riverdale great, we can also invest in new opportunities to improve the quality of education for all.

Our goal this year is to raise $1.75 million for Riverdale. Suggested giving levels remain the same as last year. We hope resident and transfer families will contribute $4,000 per child and that tuition families will contribute $500 per child.  It would be wonderful if community members without children in the schools could donate $500. Families who meet suggested levels and donate an additional $1,000 per family will be recognized with an asterisk (*) signifying "extra mile" status on the donor list.

$1.75 million is a large number, but it is more than a lofty goal. It is what our children need. To reach that, we need every family to participate in some way, either at the suggested levels or at a level that is meaningful to them. Foundation contributions help fund so many of the things we treasure about Riverdale. If you believe in small class sizes, please make a contribution. If you believe in music, art, PE, or libraries in schools, please make a contribution. If you believe a great education is a child’s best chance for future success, please make a contribution. The Riverdale community has always come together to support its children. Help us continue that tradition. Please donate now!